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Case Studies

Who needs the Tobacco Charity?

Miss Turner

Miss T. was never rich, but she tried her best during her time in the trade to provide for her retirement with a small pension. This gives her an income of £20 a week in addition to her state pension. However, this is taken into account when her housing benefit is calculated - leaving her only a little better off than if she had made no provision at all. The Tobacco Charity helps.

Mrs Jones

Mrs J's husband died 5 years ago. On a day to day basis Mrs J has enough for her modest standard of living, however her house needs urgent repairs and grants are not available. The Tobacco Charity helps.

Mr Wood

Mr W. lives on his own with assistance from a home help and Meals on Wheels. He needs a fridge with a freezer so that he can store his meals over the weekend. The Tobacco Charity helps.

Mr Nelson

Mr N. retired early due to ill health. His mobility has now declined to the point where he needs an electric wheelchair in order to maintain his independence. The Tobacco Charity helps.


Need comes in all shapes and sizes. A little bit extra on a regular basis can make it possible to send a grandchild a birthday present, or go on a day trip to the sea and enjoy a cream tea. A larger amount can relieve the worry of an unexpected bill, or help with the extra expense of illness or other crisis. The Tobacco Charity is both a life-line and a back stop - for life's little pleasures and somewhere to turn in times of trouble.

Support from the Tobacco Charity

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